Product Journey

At I.D. Sarrieri, we are committed to a more sustainable & responsible business. This is innately part of us; from our uncompromising promise of exceptional quality, heritage in-house craftsmanship and creation of products that are made to last, all the way to timeless designs that transcend seasons.  The quiet luxury ethos of I.D. Sarrieri means you can be sure your purchases are ethical & provide longevity.



All of our production teams are in-house, meaning we only outsource small & specific projects from time-to-time. In turn, our carbon footprint is drastically reduced.  We are experts in the manufacturing of our products and have over a decade’s experience in this field.  Our chosen materials are expertly picked from artisan, family-owned lace producers in Europe, which means we are in direct contact with our supply chains at every step of the way.


Reuse and Recycle 

When you receive your perfectly picked pieces from us, you can be sure that the box packaging we provide can be used for storage & so much more!  We encourage you to give new life to your boxes or to dispose of packaging responsibly - all of which is fully recyclable.


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