About us


I.D. Sarrieri is the premier destination for luxury lingerie & swimwear.

Since its inception at the start of the 21st century, I.D Sarrieri has prized a return to glamour that sets out to promote femininity and enable the wearer to feel at her sexiest, becoming her most-empowered self.

With such attention to detail informing its collections, much of I.D Sarrieri’s collection is designed to be seen.

Blurring the lines between lingerie and ready-to-wear, these pieces offer a seductive way to add an alluring touch to an outfit: lace exposed through a crisp white shirt, a floor-length chemise for a black-tie affair or a corset-detailed bodice teamed with sharp tailoring have all taken hold in previous collections.  


Each season, new ideas are proposed to fit and expand the owner’s existing collection and become testament to the exceptional quality each item is finished with.


Chantilly lace is a consistent component of the I.D Sarrieri aesthetic, informing style and technique. In these pieces can its wearer find true luxury, each championing exceptional craftsmanship with a design that brings together the contemporary taste with everlasting style, flaunting the exquisite savoir-faire that runs through the I.D Sarrieri DNA.


Each piece is designed to truly be a special item in the wardrobe. Whether that is through the use of elements like Swarovski crystals or in the inclusion of directional design elements that question the traditional notion of lingerie and how it should and can be worn.


I.D Sarrieri pieces add confidence, elegance and an indulgent moment celebrating the art of getting dressed, placing its wearer at the front and centre of its vision.