NYFW FW18: Show Focus

NYFW FW18: Show Focus

As New York Fashion Week draws to a close, we reflect on our favourite show; Bottega Veneta. 


This season, Bottega Veneta gave us opulence through fabric choice and colour. Silks swished down the runway in mustard yellows and deep burgundies and were matched with a deep lip perfected by Pat McGrath. Everything about the Bottega Veneta runway spoke to our touch sense, in a way that the I.D. Sarrieri lingerie does the same.


The soft silks that came down the catwalk had a nod to the pyjama style, whilst other looks included sheer tops layered over beautifully crafted lace bralettes.


As soon as we saw the show, we rushed to the I.D. Sarrieri closet to recreate the looks. With the brand new East of Eden Silk Pyjama Pant made from pure silk with Chantilly Lace detailing, you can take your pyjamas to the streets in true Fashion Week style. Looking for that burgundy red color? Try the Solstice D’Hiver set in a punchy red.


For those looking to be a little more daring and try the layering technique, layer a sheer or mesh top over any of our bralettes. For example, when you take the Mystere de Minuit Triangle Bra in Dark Berry, or Colette Triangle Bra in Orchid, all you need is a Pat McGrath style dark lip and you too can exude that moody, but chic, glamour.



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