LFW FW18: Hair Trends

LFW FW18: Hair Trends

This London Fashion Week there was one hair trend that stormed several runways; a slicked back pony that ends with a voluminous tail that has been backcombed and teased to perfection.


Named the ‘Explosion Ponytail’ it is sure to be FW18’s hottest hairstyle and here are the shows that styled it the best.


Sadie Williams


Syd Hughes coined the term and created his look for Sadie Williams’s stand out show, using leather hair cuffs to hold the ponytails in place.


The tools you need to perfect Syd’s ponytail are a pair of crimpers and a tonne of hairspray. Volume and backcombing are what this look is all about. The bigger the better!




Fashion Week Hair god Sam McKnight was in charge of the Explosion Ponytails at Halpern and they did not disappoint. A sleek start with a ponytail that had been curled, crimped and combed. Sam finished his looks by wrapping the locks around the ponytail covering any clips or hairbands.


Again, hairspray is the key here, both for creating a sleek look at the scalp, and for the volume in the ponytail.


So whether you’re glamming up for an event, heading out for cocktails or simply going for a romantic dinner, why not try LFW’s hottest hair trend your own way.


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